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About Us

ZOYAH JEWELRY was started by a young, ambitious woman in Toronto, Ontario. ZOYAH JEWELRY's mission is to provide affordable, luxury jewelry designs to empower women to feel worthy of the life they desire now, while feeling beautiful and confident everyday.

ZOYAH JEWELRY is the brand that gives a dazzling reminder for you to feel confident and prosperous in all your endeavours.

With an affordable luxury jewelry line created to spread inspiration and joy, you can live your lavish dreams everyday.

Our Story

ZOYAH JEWELRY's Founder, was always an adventurous woman. She constantly sought out ways to feel motivated and inspired in all her ventures and realized jewelry added to her style in a way that made her feel confident.

Everything we do is with our hands. Your hands are merely helpers of your mind and carry out all your thoughts into actions. Our hands allow us to express ourselves in ways that sometimes words can’t. We touch the steering wheel of our dream car to drive to places. We hold the hands of our loved ones. We tap our fingers on our laptop. We cook a meal. We pick flowers. Most important, for many of us our hands are key to our work and passion. 

We see our hands in everything we do. Now with sparkling, brilliant jewelry on them, it serves as a reminder of your goals and of that luxurious life you desire everyday. It works not only with rings, but bracelets, earrings, and necklaces too. 

The Founder of ZOYAH JEWELRY believes in the power of expression with jewelry to emulate and represent who you are and who you want to become. It can bring confidence and enhances your beauty and style. Jewelry is symbolic to those who find meaning in it.